Our Story

Harindu and Nishan here – two wandering spirits who founded Medifyharbor to share our adventures across the hidden corners of our beautiful home country, Sri Lanka.

Though we now work regular 9-to-5 jobs (Harindu as a web designer at Code Motion and Nishan in marketing at HNB Finance), exploring remains our true passion.

When we’re not chained to our desks, you can find us roaming dusty back roads, hiking misty mountain trails, sampling street food in bustling markets, and chatting with the friendly locals we meet along the way. We started this blog to capture our favorite discoveries and inspire fellow adventurous souls to veer off the beaten path.

We’re not professional travel writers or photographers – just two regular 28-year-old guys who love traveling together as friends. We try to offer honest, budget-friendly advice for independent travelers seeking authentic local experiences beyond the usual tourist traps.

Join us as we uncover the hidden gems of Sri Lanka’s nature, culture, food, and people. Let’s get a little lost together!


Harindu and Nishan