It is only when you get out of the places you visit and find different tourist spots that you realize how beautiful Sri Lanka is. The wonderful creations that nature has created are not ready to lose each other in their beauty, you are about to go to a place you have probably never heard of, I’m very sure about this 😍 This is Aradunu Ella. After going to Badulla, going from Badulla to Passara, and going from Passara to Madolsima Road, about 3 kilometers, there is a road called Madugastalawa. After going another 2 kilometers on that road, Now you can find this amazing waterfall very easily because of Google Maps.

How to Reach Aradunu Ella 💧🌱🇱🇰

Aradunu Ella is a beautiful waterfall hidden in Badulla. The name is a bit unfamiliar, but it is a beautiful waterfall that you can easily go above and below. Badulla, which comes from far away, can be seen after going about 3Km from Passara on Madolsima road and another 500m on a side road. Badulla is round. For those who are busy, when you go to Madolsima Shortcut Road on Pasara Road, go as soon as possible. It will take less than an hour.

Even today, the village people say that a kilometer-long tunnel was made under this fall, inside the fall, during the ancient King Walagamba period. But it is difficult to see whether there is a tunnel or not, the water falls so fast in the lower part of the falls. It was called the lower part of the falls because the Aradunu falls falls into three parts. This waterfall falls in three ways as the upper, middle and lower part. If you look closely at these photos, you will see it. Just like Ramboda Falls. This waterfall pool is a safer place to bathe than other waterfalls. Usually a deep hole is dug where a waterfall falls. It is a beautiful place where even a small child can swim safely.

Even though Aradunu Falls is 36 meters high, as mentioned earlier, it falls into three parts, so it is not possible to go among the higher waterfalls in the Sri Lankan waterfalls. Namunukula mountain range is the great peak that surrounds Passara. So Aradunu Falls, which brings value to Passara, is a gift from the Namunukula mountain range itself. It is Loggaloya that starts from Namunkula Mountain that creates this wonderful waterfall.

There are many waterfalls in Sri Lanka and a small power plant has been built near the falls. Probably, one day in the future, this waterfall will be washed away and sit down. With the hope that it will not happen, go and enjoy this beautiful Aradunu Falls..

I request you to visit these beautiful places, but don’t put things like garbage and plastic in those near Aradunu Waterfall. Because we have to save these places for the next generation. So don’t destroy the environment and just enjoy the beauty.

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